1 March 2007 XXX

Khamsin Molossia News

Effective 1 March 2007, Molossia has become the first nation to completely ban incandescent light bulbs. Taking a note from Australia, which has declared light bulbs to be persona non grata in 2010, His Excellency, The President declared incandescent bulbs illegal immediately. The new method of illumination will be compact fluorescent bulbs. His Excellency briefly advocated the use of flaming torches, but they set off the smoke detectors in Government House, so fluorescent it is.

Incandescent light bulbs are very energy inefficient - approximately 95% of the power consumed by an incandescent light bulb is emitted as heat, rather than as visible light. An incandescent light bulb, with this ~5% efficiency, is about one quarter as efficient as a fluorescent lamp, and produces about six times as much heat with the same amounts of light from both sources. Replacing Molossia's bulbs will reduce our nation's power consumption measurably.

Molossia is a very small nation, and the wholesale replacement of bulbs actually took a half an hour. In fact, the transition had already unofficially begun, prior to the ban, with about half our our nation's incandescent bulbs being replaced over two years ago. At this time, the transition is 95% complete, with only the floodlights in Norton Park remaining unchanged. Reception of the new fluorescent bulbs has been largely good, with the only complaint being that the new lights in the Presidential Refrigerator are too dim, making the quest for late-night snacks a bit more challenging.

We are quite proud of being the first nation to transition to fluorescent light, and we encourage all nations to step up and do the same!

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