12 February 2007 XXX

Khamsin Molossia News

Molossia has welcomed our first tourists! On 12 February 2007 XXX, our tiny nation has had its first foreign visitors, excepting family and friends that is. Christopher Dilks of Bramcote, Nottingham, England and Suzanne Yada of Visalia, California, USA, contacted our government a few weeks ago, expressing an interest in touring Molossia. Permission was granted (as it is not allowed to simply "show up" unannounced), and the date for the visit was set for 12 February. Right on schedule, at 1:00 PM Molossian Standard Time, Christopher and Suzanne arrived and were greeted by His Excellency, The President. They spent over an hour seeing the sights of Molossia, escorted by our President, who acted as tour guide. Christopher and Suzanne visited Republic Square, the Peace Pole, Norton Park, the Tower of the Winds and the Trans-Molossia Trail. Afterward our visitors relaxed in Norton Park, sipping "El Presidente" bottled water and snacking on Cookie Dough, our traditional Molossian treat. They chatted with His Excellency on many topics pertaining to micronationalism in general and Molossia in particular. They had their passports stamped, and Christopher even was appointed a Commodore in the Molossian Navy, in honor of the occasion! Christopher and Suzanne followed this up with a round of photos with the President, after which they headed home. A fine time was had by all. It was a very great pleasure to welcome Christopher and Suzanne to Molossia, and we look forward to a future visit.

Oh, and it seems that Christopher was so inspired by his visit that he may soon be founding his own nation. And of course, Molossia will be the first to welcome Christopher's new country to the world of small nations!

Christopher and Suzanne in Republic Square

Christopher and Suzanne visit the Tower of the Winds

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