4 December 2006 XXIX

Khamsin Molossia News

In response to the failure of the Mustachistani Government to dismantle their missile program, military forces of the Republic of Molossia have launched a successful raid on the Mustachistani missile complex and destroyed the much-vaunted "Goatshead" missile.

The Molossian Government learned last month that the nation of Mustachistan had launched its first rocket, the "Goatshead". Following Mustachistan's defeat in its war with Molossia last June, they embarked on a rocket program. The results were seen on 12 November 2006 XXIX, as the Goatshead Rocket flew for the first time. Mustachistan stated that the rocket was for peaceful purposes, but this was seen as just a screen for what was obviously an offensive weapons program. Our Government protested the launching of this rocket to the Mustachistani Government, and demanded that it immediately cease all building, testing and launching of its rockets. Mustachistan responded with a bombastic movie statement from its ruler, stating that his nation had the right to do as they please, and would not be bullied. Nevertheless, the Molossia protest was not withdrawn, with His Excellency, The President of Molossia stating, "we will do everything necessary to protect the Molossian people and safeguard our nation and its way of life."

In late November the Mustachistani Government informed the world that it intended to launch its rocket again. This met with a second protest from Molossia. Mustachistan again refused to back down. Therefore, on the 1st of December, a meeting was held at Government House and the decision was made to take extreme measures to stop the Mustachistan missile program. At 9:00 AM MST, 2 December 2006 XXIX, after a hearty breakfast, the Naval Infantry Special Assault Team, heavily armed and riding their M-1 attack bicycles, descended upon Mustachistan's Tahr Rocket Facility. In short order the team destroyed the Goatshead Missile, blowing its top off and rendering it inoperable. Then, as quickly as they had come, they disappeared back into the desert, their mission accomplished. They made it back to Molossia in time for lunch.

His Excellency, The President immediately praised the brave members of the Special Assault Team for their valiant efforts on behalf of the nation. In the meantime, Mustachistan has expressed its outrage at the destruction of thief rocket, and has promised reprisal. Our Government is officially Not Worried.

The website of Mustachistan is here.

The Destroyed Goatshead Rocket

The Naval Infantry Special Assault Team - Ready for Action!

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