27 November 2006 XXIX

Khamsin Molossia News

Mustachistan Threatens Second Missile Test

Just weeks after the successful launch of their first rocket, the "Goatshead", the nation of Mustachistan has indicated that it is planning a second launch of the rocket. The Goatshead Rocket, although ostensibly for peaceful purposes, has been condemned by the Molossian Government as an offensive weapon. His Excellency, The President of Molossia has called upon Mustachistan to cease the production and launching of their rockets, citing them as a threat to regional peace and stability. The President has denounced the program in the strongest terms, and stated flatly that Molossia will not condone nor ignore the offensive possibilities of the Mustachistani rocket program. Mustachistan, the reader will recall, fought and lost a war with Molossia in May and June of 2006. Sultan Ali-Ali Achsenfree of Mustachistan has thumbed his nose at the Molossian demand to cease the rocket program. His Excellency, The President has in turn reiterated his belief that this program is a danger to Molossia and the world. Though he has a stated desire for a peaceful outcome to the crisis, The President has made it clear that Molossia has a right to defend itself, and will take whatever measures necessary to ensure its security. Hopefully, a diplomatic solution will resolve the matter before more extreme measures are taken.

National Christmas Tree Goes Up.

The National Christmas Tree has again risen in its customary location in the Great Room of Government House, marking the advent of the Christmas Season in Molossia. Every year on the last weekend of November, the First Family comes together to decorate the tree for all Molossians to enjoy. Christmas is a very important time of year for all Molossians, as a time for families to gather and enjoy the bounty of the year and the spirit of goodwill and charity. It is a time of board games, cookies and hot chocolate, as well as a time to enjoy favorite Christmas movies. The Christmas holiday itself is a three-day event, starting on Christmas Eve day with Christmas cookies made, Christmas books read and Christmas movies enjoyed. Christmas Day itself is the time for gift giving and receiving, and the customary Christmas dinner of lasagna is eaten. The last day of the celebration is Boxing Day, which is a day for outdoor activities (weather permitting) and the evening meal of Shepherd's Pie. This generally concludes the Christmas Season. The National Christmas Tree will remain up until around the 1st of January (which is not a Molossian holiday).

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