21 November 2006 XXIX

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UPDATE! The Sultan of Mustachistan has issued an inflammatory statement regarding his country's launching of the Goatshead Rocket. The Sultan states that he and Mustachistan refuse to be bullied by Molossia, and that his nation has the right to do what it pleases. His Excellency, The President of Molossia has again stated his desire for a peaceful resolution to the rocket crisis, but reaffirmed his demand that Mustachistan cease building and launching rockets.

The Sultan's statement can be seen here, in talking movie format.

(Original Story)

The Molossian Government has recently learned that the nation of Mustachistan has launched its first rocket, the "Goatshead". Mustachistan, the reader will recall, was the aggressor in the recent war with Molossia, which ended in early June with the defeat of that nation and a great triumph of Molossian arms. It seems that Mustachistan has not taken its defeat lying down, and quickly rebounded, embarking on a rocket program. The results were seen last Saturday, 12 November 2006 XXIX, as the Goatshead Rocket flew for the first time. Mustachistan has trumpeted its accomplishment through their website, which includes pictures and a short, grainy movie of the event. The Mustachistani website states, "On November 12, 2006, our nation has launched its first rocket in our quest to share the skies with other nations. This new rocket is named the "Goatshead", after the thorny bushes that dot the Mustachistan landscape. It is hoped that the Goatshead will be a thorn in the side of our enemies. Our rocket is most certainly for peaceful purposes, but we do of course reserve the right to use its might for the defense of our nation. Mustachistan's enemies are many and we must defend ourselves if attacked."

It is evident that this rocket is intended as a thorn specifically in the side of Molossia, as we are Mustachistan's only real competition in this region. Inasmuch as the rocket is "most certainly for peaceful purposes", there is no doubt that this is an aggressive weapon, aimed at redressing the defeat of Mustachistan in the war. Our Government has protested the launching of this rocket to the Mustachistani Government, and demanded that it immediately cease all building, testing and launching of its rockets. His Excellency, The President of Molossia has ruled out military action against Mustachistan at this time, but has stated, "we will do everything necessary to protect the Molossian people and safeguard our nation and its way of life."

The website of Mustachistan is here.

Movie of two launchings of the Goatshead Rocket and of the rocket in flight.

Goatshead Rocket

Goatshead Rocket

Sultan Ali

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