3 May 2003 XXVI

Khamsin Molossia News

Water and trees have come to Molossia. For several years now, attempts have been made to irrigate our expansive Republic. Finally, this last weekend, the struggle was fruitful. Molossia now has about one hundred meters of irrigation piping running all over the dusty land. Water flows freely and easily to our two already existing trees and to our two large flowerbeds. The potential exists to expand this system, and a move has already been made in that direction.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Natural resources, headed by His Excellency the President, has planted two more trees along the western frontier of the nation, and is making plans to improve Norton Park, behind Government House. Norton Park has languished for two years since a fungus killed the grass there. Last year, early efforts were made to improve the park by creating a large planter out of railroad ties, and by planting a Butterfly Bush behind the planter. This year, Norton Park will become the new home to the Molossia Railroad, which has been relocated from the distant desert. In addition, the Park will be augmented with two new pine trees and a variety of ground cover shrubs. A small pond with a waterfall is also being planned.

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