2023 New Year's Speech

New Year's Speech

Given on the Occasion of the Lunar New Year by His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh

23 January 2023 XLVI

My Fellow Molossians, Greetings.

This past year has been one of both accomplishments and challenges, and this coming year holds great promise. As a nation, we have always met any challenges together, and as a nation we will face the future together. Molossia is the smallest sovereign republic, a Lilliput in a land of Brobdingnags; our tiny country must always strive to find its voice and not become lost among the giants. Through effort and will we have a voice, one heard around the world. Daily this voice grows louder, and daily the world learns more about us. We have much to gain from the world around us, and the world has much to gain from us. This past year has been one of great achievement, as we continually strive for sustainability and self-sufficiency. Among small nations Molossia leads the way in those areas, and in so many more. For a tiny country we cast a long shadow, but we also never hesitate to help others to benefit our experience and experiences, as they develop their own nations. In this way we work to make the world a better place for all.

As we enter upon this new year, let us prepare ourselves for new challenges and build toward new achievements. As well as accomplishments there are always challenges, indeed. Let us not be intimidated by them, for we are a strong nation and I have faith in that strength and in our capacity to rise to the occasion and triumph over adversity. We must applaud our successes and capitalize on the rich pool of talent that has placed our small nation in the forefront of global achievements. We must avoid unnecessary distractions this year - occurrences that can sap our energies and divert our attention from the important work that must be done, continuing to build and grow our nation. As well, let us hope for peace, prosperity and a bright future for all mankind, and for a peaceful coexistence with this planet we call home.

And so, these things said, let us move forward. Every year, indeed every day, is a new beginning for Molossia, and each brings new opportunities. Molossia is the greatest of the small nations of the world, a beacon to those that seek self-government and sovereignty. We never hesitate to lead, and to set the example. For nearly forty-six years now Molossia has grown and prospered. This pace continues unabated, and will continue for many long years.

In this coming year, then, I speak to all Molossians and wish to you all the best. I pledge to continue to lead you as best I can, to be your mentor and your partner. I am not the nation, we all are. And together we shall continue to build toward a great future for all Molossians.

God Bless You.

Long Live Molossia!

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