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The Intermicronational Olympic Games are organized to promote intermicronational sportsmanship, competition and understanding. They are designed to allow micronations not recognized by the macronational Olympic Committee to participate in an international sporting event. They are not designed to promote any one nation over any other, but rather to build cooperation and appreciation between all micronations.


The Intermicronational Olympic Games shall be governed by the Intermicronational Olympic Committee (IOC). At this time, the IOC shall consist of delegates from the Kingdom of TorHavn and the Republic of Molossia. This is subject to change. All decisions affecting the Olympic Games shall be rendered by the IOC and are binding upon all participating nations.

The Intermicronational Olympic Committee will determine events and activities for each Olympic Games prior to the start of the games. The IOC will approve all nations participating in the games, not less than one week prior to the games beginning. This is to allow time for appropriate website updates. The IOC will mediate any disputes before, during and after the games. The IOC will approve any and all host nation websites pertaining to the games they are hosting.

The Intermicronational Olympic Games will be open to any micronation which has been independent for a period of not less than six months prior to the starting date of the games. Participating athletes must be citizens of their nation for a period of not less than three months prior to the start of the games.

Participating nations are required to announce what events they will participate in and what athlete is participating in each event. Participating nations are also required to establish local venues for each event, such as a nearby track, pool, etc. and to establish a non-participating individual to time each event. It is incumbent on each nation to accurately report the results of each event to the host nation using either e-mail or the established message board. The message board is preferable, to keep all activities public and avoid possible controversy.

The host nation will establish and maintain a website for the Olympic Games they are hosting. They are required to maintain a message board, and to post any pertinent offline (private e-mail) messages to that board. The host nation is required to receive and post scores as submitted from each nation, for each event on its website. The host nation is required to post awards given to each athlete on its website. The host nation will not show any favoritism toward any nations athletes or team, including its own.

These rules are not all inclusive and subject to change as directed by the Intermicronational Olympic Committee.

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