23 April 2023 XLVI
Khamsin Molossia News

Saturday, 22 April 2023 XLVI was a historic day for the Republic of Molossia. The occasion was a dual State Visit, that is, dignitaries from two separate nations visited Molossia at the same time. His Excellency, The President was honored to welcome the Monarch of the Monarchy of Dagostinia, Brian D'Agostine and the Emperor of the Empire of Waterloo, Emperor Treyson I. The Empire of Waterloo is located in Panaca, Nevada and the Monarchy of Dagostinia is located in Portland, Oregon. Both leaders were welcomed to Molossia in a formal ceremony in Republic Square, which including the raising of their flags, the playing of each nations' national anthem (as well as Molossia's, of course) and the awarding of medals. It is customary for The President to award the Molossian Friendship Medal during State Visit welcome ceremonies, and this visit was no exception. Following the ceremony, the two monarchs and their entourages participated in the tour of our nation, the first of this year. Following the tour, the two leaders and His Excellency retired to the Office of the President for diplomatic talks, after which the two monarchs took their leave, each returning to their respective nations. This dual State Visit was a wonderful, auspicious event and will be remembered for a long time, as a landmark in the annals of diplomacy.

The Emperor
of Waterloo
and the
at the Border

The Monarch
of Dagostinia
and the President
at the Border

Big Tour Group!

Two Monarchs and the President at the Border

Three Flags Above Republic Square

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