13 March 2023 XLVI
Khamsin Molossia News

After years of drought, the winter of 2022-2023 has been a very wet one, with back to back storms dumping well over 100 Nortons of snow in the mountains around Molossia. Now that snowfall has turned to rain as spring arrives, and recent storms have pumped unmanageable amounts of water into the regions creeks and rivers. Usually dry or near dry, washes, as the ravines of the desert are called, are now filled with water, rushing down from higher elevations. This water empties into the rivers of the area, often causing havoc on the way, swelling these normally placid watercourses up to and beyond their banks. Flooding results, swamping homes, farms, businesses and bridges along the river edges. Sandbagging and backhoes are the order of the day, working to building up barriers to the flooding. Molossia itself is on a slope and thus far high and dry, but we remain vigilant. More storms promise more water, but hopefully things will dry out soon, the water will recede and life can get back to normal in our desert world.

Creek Awash

Under Water

Carson River

Ready To
Burst Its Banks

Flooding in Smith Valley, Nevada

Road Under Water

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