28 January 2023 XLVI
Khamsin Molossia News

Last September Molossia‘s Chief Constable entered the United States Army, following in the footsteps of her father and two of her brothers. After many years of dedicated service as Molossia's head of law enforcement, Chief Constable Alexis Baugh set off on a new career, as a soldier with the Nevada Army National Guard. Ms. Baugh traveled to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri to train to be a combat engineer, a vocation that includes both construction and demolition in wartime environments. In January 2023 XLVI Ms. Baugh completed her training, proficient in rifle marksmanship, drill, demolition and construction, and emerging as a warrior and soldier, prepared for combat. During her graduation The President and First Lady were honored with special seats and their presence at the graduation mentioned during the ceremony; Ms. Baugh proudly announced herself to be from the Republic of Molossia as she walked across the graduation stage. Training complete, the Chief Constable has now returned to Molossia to make use of her combat skills during monthly weekend Nevada National Guard drills. We are quite proud of our Chief Constable, now a mighty soldier in the U.S. Army!

Getting Ready
to Blow
Stuff UP!

Proud Soldier, and...

Proud Graduate!

Welcome Home!

Our Soldier Constable

Positive Attitude!

Surviving the Gas Chamber

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