8 January 2023 XLVI
Khamsin Molossia News

Unlike recent years, this winter has been a snowy one, both inside our nation and beyond our borders in the neighboring US. Winter storms, occurring on an almost weekly basis, have dumped an enormous amount of snow in this region. Taking advantage of this, the Molossian Geographical Society set out on a winter expedition to test out their new snowshoes in the mountains near Molossia. The trek took the intrepid explorers to Spooner Lake, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains about 57 Imperial Nortons (38 mi/57 km) west of our nation. Braving snowdrifts and snow at least 8 Nortons deep, the adventurers successfully reached the frozen mountain lake without difficulty, easily mastering the use of the snowshoes. A photo op in the white wilderness with our nation's flag capped the expedition, and the Society returned to Molossia, satisfied in their adventure, having conquered the mighty, snowy Sierras!

Winter Wonderland

Frozen Spooner Lake

The President
Conquers The Lake

The Molossian Flag
In The White

The President Ready For Action!

The First Lady Keen For Adventure!

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