29 November 2022 XLV
Khamsin Molossia News

As winter settles in to Molossia, there have been a few new changes to our nation. Molossia has embraced retro-futurism, aka steampunk, as a motif and the results show. Steam piping now adorns the Salt Mine, iron fixtures now decorate various buildings in Red Square, and the crow’s nest of the Constabulary, previously just a lookout, now has the added duty of airship dock. Should lighter-than-air craft once again grace the skies, Molossia is prepared to receive them, in the hopes for a new era of old-school transportation. Minor changes include a new hat for Fred the Customs Agent, and a whole new face for Trader Tom of the Molossia Trading Company, and of course goggles for all. Other retro improvements lie ahead, including a steam engine to run the lights of Red Square and more. As Molossia looks to the past for inspiration to build our future, it is certain that no matter what, that future will at least be a tad bit more unusual!

Trader Tom

New Hoist
at the
Trading Post

Schedule in
Red Square

New Airship
Dock Above the

Steam Piping
for the
Salt Mine

Fred's New Hat

New Wire Covers for the Red Square Lights

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