11 April 2022 XLV
Khamsin Molossia News

Like all nations, Molossia is constantly growing and changing. The advent of our new farming initiative has meant the addition of new structures, designed to make the Molossia Farm a success. Previously mentioned have been the Victory Garden and the chicken coop, the latter now adorned with the names of our chickens who are currently growing toward adulthood in Government House. They will likely move into their permanent home within the next month. In addition, the farm now has a beautiful new windmill and a new barn, red of course, both standard for any agricultural endeavor. Next to the farm is the new playhouse, center of fun for Molossia's youngsters. And not related to the farm but nevertheless a very welcome addition, the Friendship Gateway is now adorned with a beautiful new sign, inviting all to the heart of Molossia, Red Square. Like all we do in Molossia, we are all quite proud of these latest additions and improvements, and look forward to them serving Molossia well for many years to come.

Our New

The Chickens
Have Names!

Lula Mae
the Chicken

The New

The New Sign
On The Friendship

Our New Barn

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