26 February 2022 XLV
Khamsin Molossia News

After seven years as a Colony of Molossia, Farfalla, our distant territory in Northern California, has been elevated to the status of Province. Farfalla Province is located in central Modoc County, about 11 Imperial Nortons (11 km / 6.5 miles) north of the town of Alturas, California. Farfalla is about 7,965 Square Royal Nortons (2 hectares / 4.9 acres) in size and is covered in pines. A small seasonal creek runs through the center, and a year-round spring feeds into the creek. The colony is about .5 Imperial Nortons (.5 km) north of a small lake, and lies in a hilly area known as Mahogany Ridge. The landscape is replete with juniper and piņon trees, wild flowers and grasses. Butterflies abound, hence the name of the colony, for the Italian word for butterfly. This is beautiful country and the pride of Molossia.

Farfalla Province was originally purchased from the United States in September 2003 XXVI. It was the pride of our nation for over two years; in 2005 XXVIII a flagpole was built and a bridge constructed across Deer Run Creek. However, due to economic reasons our government was forced to relinquish Farfalla back to the United States in late 2005 XXVIII. At the same time our nation gained Desert Homestead Province. In spite of the gain of Desert Homestead the loss of Farfalla was felt keenly in Molossia. In early 2015 XXXVIII our government began to explore the possibility of regaining Farfalla, and by happenstance the land was available and quickly became ours again. Thus Farfalla was restored as a part of Molossia after almost 10 years - and the flag flew once again over our beautiful colony. For seven years the distant outpost of our nation was held in fief to American interests, but upon recent release from those bonds the Colony is now fully a sovereign part of our nation. Thus on 23 February 2022 XLV Farfalla Colony was elevated to the status of Province, finally becoming a full-fledged part of the Molossian Nation!

Visit the website of the Farfalla Province here!

Molossian Flag Over Farfalla.


Deer Run Creek, Farfalla.

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