21 February 2022 XLV
Khamsin Molossia News

The Republic of Molossia continues its foray into the new agricultural age with the advent of our Victory Garden. As mentioned last month, with the announcement of Molossia’s chicken coop, to attain more self-sufficiency our government is launching a concerted effort to produce our own food. The latest venture is the creation of a large garden, enclosed to keep out rodents, with a wide variety of vegetables grown for our nation's consumption. This garden will be titled our Victory Garden, a nod to our nation’s efforts in the ongoing war against East Germany. Victory Gardens were a staple in many nations during the First and Second World Wars, to reduce pressure on the public food supply and thus contribute to the war effort. Molossia’s Victory Garden is envisioned to do the same.

While our nation, lacking as it does area and natural resources, will likely never be food self-sufficient, steps such as the chicken coop and Victory Garden are extension of our ongoing Functionality and Sustainability Project, ensuring that our infrastructure works and sustains our nation. This continuing farming initiative will certainly reduce our dependency on US markets for food as well as enhancing our independence and national pride, and makes our great nation even greater!

Visit the website of the Molossian Farm Service here!

The Victory Garden.

Victory Garden Sign.

The President at the Garden.

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